Sanaa (IP) - The Foreign Minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government said that ignoring the Yemeni side's demands in the UN-brokered ceasefire indicated the other side's reluctance to settle the crisis.

Iran PressMiddle East: The ceasefire in Yemen was maintained under the supervision of the UN from April 2, 2022, for two months and was extended twice, but it was violated by the Saudi-led coalition each time. 

The Yemeni FM Hisham Sharaf said the Saudi-led coalition was after leading Yemen to a clinical death through the extension of the symbolic ceasefire.

Hisham Sharaf noted: "Sana'a supports peace and the realization of the wishes of the Yemeni people and considers the ceasefire as a tool to prepare the grounds for a fair and honorable peace." 

UN envoy says Yemen's ceasefire not extended

Saudi Arabia's warmongering measures in Yemen since 2015 have killed hundreds of thousands of Yemenis, injured tens of thousands, and displaced millions.

The military aggression has also destroyed more than 85 percent of Yemen's infrastructure, leaving the country severely short of food and medicine.

Yet, the Saudi regime has reached none of its objectives in the invasion because of the Yemeni nation's resistance; instead, it implored the UN for a ceasefire, which it violated successively. 


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