The official Iraqi news agency reported that 133 people were injured during the clashes that took place on Wednesday between demonstrators and security forces in Baghdad.

According to the official news agency of Iraq, among these injured people are 4 officers, 118 Iraqi soldiers and 11 civilians.

The supporters of the Sadr Movement, who have reached around the Green Zone since last night, increased the intensity of their attacks on the security forces on Wednesday evening at sunset and tried to infiltrate this area again.

The supporters of Sadr's movement tried again to attack the Green Zone, while Moqtada al-Sadr also issued a statement an hour ago at the same time as the resumption of parliament sessions, taking a strong stand against other groups and political parties. 

He said that he neither participates in the political process nor is he willing to negotiate.

Also, dozens of supporters of the Sadr movement gathered in front of Basra and Dhiqar governorate buildings on the evening Wednesday and clashed with the security forces.

At the same time, Iraqi sources announced this evening that the fourth rocket hit the center of the Green Zone and next to the conference building.

The riots by Moqtada Sadr's supporters and the attacks on Baghdad's Green Zone were carried out while the activities of the Iraqi Parliament, which had been suspended two months ago following its capture by the supporters of Sadr's movement, resumed today.

In the first meeting of the Iraqi Parliament the issue of the resignation of the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammad Al-Halboosi will be voted on. 219

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