New York (IP)- In a meeting with the president of the EU Council, Iran's President said that it is the country’s legitimate right to demand trustworthy guarantees in negotiations to remove sanctions.

Iran PressIran news: The United Nations General Assembly will continue its work at the high level of heads of state from Tuesday (September 20) to Monday, September 26, and dozens of bilateral and multilateral meetings will be held on its sidelines. 

“It was the Americans who withdrew from the agreement, on the one hand, led to the Europeans’ incompetence in remaining faithful to their commitments, which is why Iran’s demand for trustworthy guarantees is quite legitimate,” said President Raisi in his meeting with the European Council President Charles Michel.

The President of Iran described the sanctions against countries as inhuman and human rights violations adding: "sanctions against are an unjust violation of the rights of 80 million Iranians and stand as serious examples of human rights violations."

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a meeting with Charles Michel at the hotel where he resides referred to Iran’s proposals for resolving the nuclear issue, as well as the crises in Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Ukraine.

“The efforts for naturalizing relations between some regional countries with the Zionist regime cannot create security for that regime,” he added.

The president said that imposing sanctions against countries is among the inhumane acts and breach of the articles of the human rights charter, including the unilateral US sanctions against 80 million Iranians, which is an obvious violation of human rights.

Back to the nuclear negotiations, Iran's President said that resolving the treaties issue with the IAEA is one of the prerequisites for reaching a nuclear agreement, since if those issues will remain unresolved, who can guarantee that on the day after reaching an agreement, the US trio will not request the issuance of a new resolution against Iran?

Raisi said that the sanctions against Iran have not halted Iran’s activities in different fields, as the Iranians continue their progress ahead mightily.

Regarding resolving the Palestinians’ problems, the president referred to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s proposal on holding a referendum in which the entire original residents of Palestine will be able to vote

“Just as the different peace initiatives, such as the Camp David, the Sharm al-Sheikh and Oslo peace talks could not materialize Palestinians’ rights, the efforts aimed at naturalizing full relations of some countries with the Zionist regime, too, will no provide security for that regime, as there is only one justice-based, logical and comprehensive way towards peace, and that is respecting the Palestinians' rights,” he said.

In a logical way to resolve the problems in Afghanistan, too, Raisi said that contributing to the formation of an all-encompassing government, inclusive of the entire tribal and ethnic groups there is the only solution.

Regarding Yemen, Raisi said that the siege of the Yemeni nation must end and the attacks against that country must end, as a beginning step for establishing enduring peace.

President of the EU Council Charles Michel, for his part, in the meeting appreciated the opportunity to have a person-to-person talk with the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

President Michel said he agreed with the Iranian president that the human rights issues should not be used as a political lever.

“The EU has always tried to bring closer the views for the revival of the JCPOA, and in that line, the issue of the anti-Iranian sanctions that has always been a serious worry for the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been concerned by the EU,” he said.

The top EU politician, meanwhile, expressed hope that the military engagements in Yemen will end, and peace talks there, including the establishment of a new government will lead to the restoration of peace.

On the restoration of stability in Iraq, peace in Palestine, and end of the war in Ukraine, and the establishment of an all-encompassing government in Afghanistan, Charles Michel said, “The EU hopes to benefit from the contributions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in all those respects.” 219

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