Tehran (IP) - Iran's administration is determined to supply its share of water right from Turkey and Afghanistan, the minister of Energy says.

Iran PressIran News: On the sidelines of the cabinet session on Wednesday, Iran's Minister of Energy Ali-Akbar Mehrabian referred to the 1351 Treaty between Iran and Afghanistan and noted that the ministry was pursuing to fulfill the Iranian share of water from the Helmand River, precisely based on the treaty. 

Mehrabian talked about an obstacle in the way of implementing the treaty and said the obstacle was the added construct to the Kamalkhan Dam that caused the water to deviate and not enter the southern part of Iran. 

He said that during the recent talks with the Afghan authorities, they promised to stop the water from being wasted and deviated to the Godzareh depression in the Nimruz Province's desert, southwestern Afghanistan.    

Helmand water contract was signed between Tehran and Kabul in 1351, and Afghanistan is committed to releasing water in the Helmand River for the benefit of the Sistan plain and Lake Hamoon.


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