VP for Science:

Tehran (IP) - The Vice president for science and technology emphasizes on establishing an elite society to prevent the country's elites moving to abroad.

Iran PressIran news: Emigration can be prompted by highly skilled Iranians’ perceptions about the potential for their future careers, earnings, and ability to express themselves. Often, Iranians studying abroad do not return after graduation, instead they put their expertise to work in their countries of residence. 

The meeting of the Council for Talents Guidance was held at the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology with the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari, and the Minister of Science Mohammad Ali Zulfi Gol, on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

In response to Iran Press, Sorena Sattari stated: "The elite society is where all of our goals are either to keep these well-educated elites and talents in the country or to return those expacts who left home."

Sattari said that studying abroad is not bad at all, but the important thing is to bring expacta back to the home as assets; for many years in the National Elite Foundation, the return policies were emphasized.

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Further, he continued: "Returning those who left or intend to move, requires other bodies cooperation, adding: "I returned nearly three thousand people from the world's top universities to the country."

At the end, an agreement between the Ministry of Science and the National Elite Foundation was signed by the parties to support the scientific talents of the country.


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