At least nine people were killed in Seoul on Monday after record downpours flooded homes, roads and subway stations in the South Korean capital, cutting power and forcing hundreds to evacuate, according to authorities.

Iran PressAsia: Some of the heaviest rain in decades swamped South Korea’s capital region, turning Seoul’s streets into car-clogged rivers and sending floods cascading into subway stations. At least nine people were killed — some drowning in their homes — and six others were missing, with more rain forecast, officials said Tuesday.

More than 45 centimeters (18 inches) of rain was measured in Seoul’s hardest-hit Dongjak district from Monday to Tuesday evening. Precipitation in the area exceeded 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) per hour at one point Monday night, the highest hourly downpour measured in Seoul since 1942.

Heavy rain warnings are in effect in the metropolitan area and Gangwon-do, where rainfall of 50 to 100 millimeters (2-4 inches) per hour is possible, according to the Korean Meteorological Administration.

Though floodwaters had largely receded by Tuesday morning, cars and buses were left strewn across roads and sidewalks, blocking morning traffic. 219

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