Tehran (IP) - Following the desecration of the Quran, Muslims' holy book, in Hamburg, Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Germany's charge d'affaires to Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: In a provocative action, a few anti-Islam elements desecrated Quran and other Islamic sanctities on Sunday, coincided with Tasua mourning day. 

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) condemned the desecration and called on the German charge d'affaires and government to toughly respond to such blasphemous action.

The Chairman of MFA's Department for Wester European Affairs considered the insulting action as a clear example of hate-mongering, violence, and extremism, pointing out that Iran held the German government accountable for it. 

The Spokesman of MFA, Nasser Kanaani, also condemned earlier the blasphemy and called such desecrations the other side of Deash (ISIS) extremism, the confrontation with which was up to the advocates of human rights, democracy, and freedom.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is waiting for the immediate, strong and explicit reaction of the German government in dealing with the perpetrators of this desecration and the quick judicial follow-up to prevent such actions of being repeated," Kanaani stressed.


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