Following an hours-long standoff, German police apprehended on Monday an assailant who took a woman hostage near Cologne central station. The hostage suffered minor injuries, which are being treated.

Iran Press / Europe:  German police tweeted on Monday: "The suspect is taken under control."

It later said the female hostage was freed but received minor injuries. The perpetrator, in turn, was gravely injured and taken to trauma care, according to Cologne police.

Two explosions were heard in the area during the hostage rescue not long after elite counter-terrorism team (SEK) rushed to the pharmacy building, according to an RT report.

The situation broke out near the main railway station in Cologne. The unnamed perpetrator holed up in a pharmacy behind the station, prompting police to launch a massive operation.

What remains unknown are the suspect’s identity and motives. It is yet to be clarified if he made any demands to the authorities. Cologne police has only confirmed that it “was inquiring into all directions.”

Located near the famous Cologne Cathedral, the central station is one of the most important railway junctions in Germany.