Tehran (IP) - Reacting to the baseless issues of the US Secretary of Defense about Iran's drone power, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that US policy is creating false dichotomies to benefit the region.

Iran PressIran news: Nasser Kanani, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, in his weekly press conference in response to the Iran Press question, said that the US strategy is to create tension and crisis, and such behaviors ensure peace and security in the region.

Earlier, the US Secretary of Defense announced in a statement that the issue of Iranian Drones' power would be discussed in the meeting of the US-Qatar Consultative Committee as one of the "regional security challenges."

Kanani stresses that an unnecessary grouping in the region is the old approach of the US.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman added that Iran, as a country that plays a vital role in the security of the region, believes that collective cooperation is the only solution to ensure stability in the Persian Gulf region.

He added that Iran, by prioritizing regional diplomacy, seeks to resolve the disagreement, especially in the Persian Gulf region.


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