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London(IP)- After the resignation of "Boris Johnson," a large number of Londoners gathered in front of the British Prime Minister's office and chanted, "Johnson is a serial liar."

Iran PressEurope: Following Johnson's inefficiencies, members of the ruling British Conservative Party did not consider him worthy of continuing as the party's leader and agreed to resign.

Boris Johnson is leaving the prime minister's office in a situation where his scandal has raised the level of distrust among the British people on the one hand, and rampant inflation and the increase in the cost of living have narrowed the field for the people of this country, on the other.

The documentary video report of the Iranpress correspondent in London at the same time as the resignation of the British Prime Minister shows that there are many unemployed and homeless people in the streets leading to the city center.

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On Friday, a number of Londoners, in an interview with an Iranpress correspondent in Marble Arch, Oxford Street, and Midvale Street, which are famous neighborhoods in London, said they were pleased with Johnson's resignation.

Among the 20 interviewees, ten people did not even want to spend time on this resignation, but among the ten interviewees who did spend time, all except one person called Boris Johnson a liar and inefficient.

The London citizen told the Iranpress correspondent: "We had a difficult challenge in the fight against coronavirus, and considering the scandals like "Panty Gate" and "collaboration with sex offenders," Johnson had no choice but to resign.

Another citizen criticized Johnson's performance and said he did the same when he was a mayor.

In response to an Iranpress correspondent's question about the British Prime Minister's resignation, a Londoner said: "I was overjoyed and I hope Johnson leaves by the end of the week."

Another citizen said Boris Johnson was weak and a liar.

In an interview with an Iranpress correspondent, one of the Londoners said that Johnson did not deal well with the COVID-19 pandemic and was not truthful about Brexit either.

Another citizen said he had to leave the prime minister's office kicking and screaming.

Two other citizens, in response to the question, what effect did Johnson's performance have on people's lives? They said Johnson's policies significantly impacted the household budget, and the burden of high prices and inflation is heavy on everyone's shoulders.

Among all the interviewees, one person was satisfied with Johnson, but the other interviewees emphasized that Boris Johnson's performance was embarrassing because he lied.


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