A drone targets a Turkish military base in Iraq with Grad missiles, a day after the Turkish bombing targeted the Sinjar District, in Nineveh Governorate.

Iran PressMiddle East: A number of Grad missiles targeted Friday the Turkish army in the Zlikan military base, east of Mosul.

Iraqi Kurdistan Region's Directorate-General for Counter-Terrorism confirmed that the attack was carried out through a drone that launched missiles at the base, which resulted in human and material casualties.

The vicinity of the Zlikan military base in Nineveh province, northern Iraq, was also targeted last month with six missiles.

Earlier, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the Turkish bombing that targeted government headquarters and civilian homes in Sinjar district, in Nineveh Governorate.

In a statement, the Iraqi Ministry considered that the bombing represents a violation of Iraq's sovereignty "and a threat to the security of civilians, a number of whom were martyred and others were injured as a result of this act."

"This attack is a targeting of the security of Iraq and the stability of its people and requires a unified position to confront it," the statement stressed.