Tehran (IP) -The Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination says that Iran has made significant progress in constructing land, air, and sea military equipment, and having this equipment proves high capabilities to defend the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: The commemoration ceremony of Teacher's Day was held at the Army University of Command and Staff (DAFUS) with Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination, in attendance on May Sunday.

Speaking to Iran Press exclusively, Sayyari emphasized: "Today, due to the progress of science and knowledge in the country, universities, youth, knowledge-based companies, and in the Armed Forces, promoting the level of science and expertise can lead to promoting the level of technology that can increase military capability and power. 

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Sayyari said: "The statues of science and knowledge in all aspects of human life indicate that society will enjoy more benefits whenever the level of science and knowledge is higher in any society."Referring to medical advances, he noted: "Increasing levels of medical knowledge today have made many incurable and undiagnosed diseases easier to treat; these developments include nuclear, energy, nano, and aerospace fields. 

The top military official pointed out that the progress of science and knowledge to produce equipment with modern technologies has had a promising effect on military affairs because today's equipment is much more developed and up-to-date than in the past. 

The military official has stressed that all army facilities in aerial, marine, and submarine warfare today have high technology due to the impact of the progress of science and knowledge, and this adds a lot of capabilities to military power, so if any country improves its knowledge, it can grasp modern equipment and technologies and meets all its needs and can increase military power and deterrence.


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