According to the local sources in northern Kunduz province, casualties of a blast that targeted Imam Sahib mosque on Friday afternoon reached more than 30 people and 50 wounded.

Iran PressAsia: Eyewitnesses said that over 33 people were killed.

Taliban Confirmed Casualties as 33 people killed and 50 wounded.

The district security chief, Hafiz Omar, said the blast occurred at 3:30 pm after explosives placed in the Mawlawi Secondary mosque detonated while many people were there to worship. The mosque is also used as a religious seminary.

Also, on Friday, a blast occurred near Dunya University in PD7 of Kabul.

The commander of PD7 in Kabul said a landmine caused the explosion, and so far, there has been one reported injury.

On Thursday, the Si-Dukan mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province, left dozens of people killed and wounded. ISIS claimed the attack in Balkh.


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