Consultations between the Iranian negotiating team and the other side in Vienna have been going on till late Wednesday night.

Iran PressEurope: In continuation of the eighth round of Iran-world powers' nuclear negotiations, as of Wednesday morning, the Iranian top negotiator and his aides had the first two rounds of talks with the European trio negotiators, and then Ali Bagheri Kani and deputy EU Foreign Policy Chief Enrique Mora met.

Last night, the Iranian negotiating team and the EU trio had a lengthy round of talks which lasted till one a.m.

Iran's international nuclear agreement or the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed between the country and P5+1 countries (Russia, China, UK, Germany, France, and the US) in 2015, but the US scrapped it on May 18, 2018, re-imposing more sanctions on Iran.

The eighth round of sanctions removal talks begun in Vienna on December 27 is ongoing in Vienna, but without the US after a short break.