Kashmir (IP) - To commemorate the auspicious birth anniversary of the first Imam of Shia Muslims, Anjuman-e-Hussaini Bathandi celebrated it in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Iran PressAsia: Tomorrow, February 15, 2022, Rajab 13 1443 AH in the Muslim calendar, coincides with the auspicious birth anniversary of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (PBUH), the first Shia Imam in the world.

Ali Rabbani, the Cultural Counselor of Iran, attended the ceremony held in Jammu and Kashmir, India on the happy occasion. All Moulana's from Jammu and Kashmir participated the ceremony. 

On such a day, Imam Ali (PBUH) was born in Kaaba in Mecca, and since adolescence, he was brought up by the Holy Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Imam Ali (PBUH) was the first person to believe in Islam and the main help to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in all stages of preaching and propagating Islam religion.

Iran's calendar has named the birth anniversary of the first Shia Imam of the world as Father's Day.

The Iranians also celebrate the day by attending holy places and holding ceremonies.

Reported by: Seyed Shahzaman (Kashmir)

Imam Ali (PBUH)


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