Tehran (IP)- Iran's president reiterated his country's support to a strong and comprehensive government and a strong and united society in Iraq.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi on Saturday, Ebrahim Raisi said that the expansion and deepening of relations between the two countries has always been emphasized by the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that in the foreign policy of his administration regarding the expansion of relations with neighboring and regional countries, Iraq has a privileged position.

"We hope that the process of forming political structures in Iraq will proceed through national solidarity and unity to lead to stability and increasing progress of the Iraqi nation," President Raisi said.

The president added: "A strong and comprehensive government and a strong and united society in Iraq have always been emphasized by Iran."

Pointing out that Tehran and Baghdad had a successful experience in dealing with ISIS and Takfiri groups, which could continue in the field of strengthening regional security and stability, Raisi said: "All problems and issues in the region can be resolved provided that transregional powers stop their intervention."

"The problems in the region are the result of the Americans' extravagance, and if they are expelled from the region in a real way, we will see that the countries of the region themselves can fully establish peace, stability and security by working together in the region," he said.

Referring to the hardships inflicted on the Yemeni people, the president expressed hope that the Iraqi government would take the lead in a regional initiative to lift the siege and enforce the rights of the Yemeni people.

In the phone call, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi also said that increasing the level of economic exchanges with Iran is very important for Iraq, adding: "Baghdad fully welcomes the policy of expanding Iran's neighborhood and regional relations and we hope the level of cooperation and relations between the two countries would increase and deepen."


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