Thousands of Sudanese citizens staged protests in Khartoum, the capital and other Sudanese cities.

Iran PressAfrica: Sudanese people took to the streets in Khartoum and other cities on Sunday evening despite the resignation of the country's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, condemning the continuation of military rule in the country.

Sudanese protestors have once again called for the formation of a civilian government in their country.

The protest took place on January 9, 2022, coinciding the anniversary of the first large-scale demonstration by the Sudanese people in 2019, which led to the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir's government after being 30 years in power.

Sudanese police and military forces fired tear gas and sound bombs at protesters, killing and injuring dozens.

Sudanese doctors also took part in Sunday's demonstration and sent a note of protest to the Human Rights Committee in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, according to the Central Committee of Physicians of Sudan.


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Sudanese protest against military rule
Sudanese protest against military rule