The Iranian ambassador to Britain

London (IP) - said that the Western countries in the Vienna talks have pursued an unfriendly media aggressive policy that is full of prejudice, threats, exaggeration and blame against Iran.

Iran PressEurope: According to Iran Press News Agency, Mohsen Baharvand posted a message on his Instagram page on Wednesday night, adding: "Of course, this is their way of interacting with countries other than their own. When we do not negotiate with them, they use all their tools and hypocritically show themselves to be in favor of dialogue and interaction."

"Before we agree to negotiate patiently, they come to terms with many conditions and even engage in begging behavior," he said, adding: "When each side makes this seemingly beautiful request and sends intermediaries to be satisfied and we sit at the negotiating table, they just express their strange expectations, they do not give the other side a right, and they take an aggressive stance. They proceed in such a way that any negotiator with any political background regrets a constructive and positive attitude."

The Iranian ambassador to London stated: "No one should be intimidated and passive or forget the national interests of Iran. I think the way to deal with this insidious behavior is first to resist this psychological war and prevent passivity in It is against them, and secondly, in order to face these pressures, it is necessary to be as transparent as possible, to be honest with the people and not to consider the people as illegitimate. Even if there is a loss in the short term, in the long run it can lead to the solidarity of the people and their support for the government the ruling system."


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