KABUL (IP)- A Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan has said the Taliban administration would take all measures to stabilize the economy and preserve the value of the Afghan currency.

Iran PressAsia: Zabihullah Mujahid stated that the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Taliban administration was held on Monday evening with the focus on examining the economic situation in Afghanistan and all responsible economic institutions were obliged to take immediate measures to ensure financial stability and preserve the value of the Afghan (Afghani) currency.

Afghanistan's economic situation is in crisis due to the blockade of its assets by the United States and some European countries, as well as the consequences of 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan.

The value of the Afghani currency has depreciated sharply against the dollar these days, with some Afghan news sources reporting that each US dollar traded at around 128 Afghanis on Monday at the Shahzadeh House (Kabul's largest exchange office) which this sharp decline in Afghanistan's national currency is unprecedented.

Releasing Afghanistan's financial resources and continuing the international community's humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan is essential to improving the country's economic situation.


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