Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi resigned a week ago. His remarks on the Saudi war on Yemen and defending Ansarallah sparked a harsh reaction from Saudi Arabia against Lebanon.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview in late November, Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi, who resigned a week ago, called the Yemeni war an "absurd war" that must be stopped.

He also stressed that Yemen's Ansarullah movement, like Lebanon's Hezbollah, was defending itself against foreign bombing and attack, but this interview sparked controversy among the Saudis against Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia reacted with outrage to Kordahi's comments aired in late October.

Saudi Arabia called Kordahi's comments insulting, recalled its ambassador, and banned all Lebanese imports. The UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait made similar moves.

That is why George Kordahi announced his resignation last week in an official statement.

He announced in the statement that his resignation was not due to his own decision but to external pressure.

"I tell everyone that I am proud of my position," George Kordahi told Al-Alam. Many blamed me because they thought a media activist, like actors, expressed an opinion. But I have expressed my opinion, and I am proud of it.

Kordahi added: I have borne the cost of my positions on Syria and the Lebanese resistance over the past ten years. Today, I paid the price for my opinion about Yemen, which I am proud of.

Addressing media activists and journalists, Kordahi said: Every media activist is the people's voice who should not hide the truth. The media activist must work tirelessly for the truth, even if it has consequences for him. He must be honest with himself first and then with his audience and not betray their trust.


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