Tehran (IP) - A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran stated that the Iranian negotiating team has been present in the Vienna talks with sufficient authority and capability calling West's political behavior in recent year as the reason behind Iran's distrust of them.

Iran PressIran news: Abbas Moqtadaei-Khorasgani said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran fulfilled its obligations in the nuclear deal, and it was the United States that, by withdrawing from agreement together with European countries turned out to be unfaithful." The P4 + 1 members have not fulfilled their obligations.

Moqtadaei said that the other side did not have a clear and convincing plan in last week's talks, adding: "Our distrust of the Western parties is rooted in their facts and behavior in recent years, and now they must show their seriousness in the negotiations."

He added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced its determination to reach an agreement at the highest level in this round of negotiations and has explicitly stated that if the interests of the Iranian people are served Iran would also cooperate, but if Iran's interests are ignored by West, Iran would not be blackmailed in the negotiations."

Moqtadaei noted: "Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for international cooperation, but the one that is not unilateral and includes the interests of the Iranian people."

The meeting of lifting US sanctions was held on Thursday in the presence of the delegations of Iran and the P4 + 1 group and the European Union at the Coburg Hotel in Vienna.

While explaining Iran's proposals, Ali Bagheri-Kani, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, emphasized the seriousness and goodwill of the country in the talks.


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