The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced that the Israeli attack on Syria on Wednesday night was carried out under the cover of civilian planes.

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The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced on Thursday that the attack was carried out by four Israeli F-16 fighter jets.

A Russian general on Thursday said that Syrian air defenses did not engage Israeli jets that reportedly carried out a strike in central Syria because there were two civilian airliners in the air at the time.

Syrian Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit also confirmed that the strike was carried out by four Israeli F-16 jets.

“The Syrian military leadership decided not to use air defense systems since at the time of the Israeli aviation attack, two civilian passenger aircraft were in the zone of destruction of the anti-aircraft systems,” Kulit said.

Russia has repeatedly accused Israel of using civilian aircraft as a “shield” against Syrian air defenses.

The Zionist regime always targets the positions of the Syrian army and infrastructure in order to support the terrorists.

The crisis in Syria began in 2011 with a massive offensive by terrorist groups backed by Saudi Arabia, the United States and their allies to shift the regional equation in favor of the Zionist regime.

Israel is deeply concerned about the complete defeat of terrorists in Syria. 219

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