One of Iran's top stem cell researchers and eye specialist, Dr. Ahmad Vosoughi , has revealed the success of Iranian researchers at Royan Institute, who have successfully restored eyesight to patients with corneal burn, or eye burn.

 According to an Iran Press report, top Royan Institute researcher, Dr. Ahmad Vosoughi said:  "Corneal burn, or eye burn, can result when certain chemicals come into contact with your eyes. This painful injury can cause permanent eye and vision damage."

Dr. Vosoughi added:  "Corneal burns often result when liquid or another substance splashes into the eye. Hot water, for example, can burn your eye, but common culprits of eye damage tend to involve chemicals."

Referring to success of Iranian researchers in  treating corneal burns, Dr. Vosoughi said:  "Here at Royan, we have extracted stem cells from the other eye of the patient suffering from eye burn, plant the stem cells in the cornea of the damaged eye, and using the method of cellular therapy, eye sight can be restored in stages, to the patient who was blind in one eye."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Dr. Ahmad Vosoughi said:  "Royan institute researchers have also had considerable success in treatment of various skin conditions, such as 'freckles'.  Stem cells can also be used in this case to clear up the skin of the patient."