The National Electoral Commission chairperson in Sierra Leone has urged citizens to patiently await official results that will take several days to tally.

  The National Commission chair person in Sierra Leone Mohamed Conteh    was giving the first brief to journalists and the country since polls closed at 5PM GMT.

‘‘Results require several days to tally. Please be patient. The only true certified results are the ones that I will announce on behalf the National Electoral Commission,” Conteh said.

Conteh urged Sierra Leoneans to preserve unity and peace regardless of the choices they made at the ballot.

He also indicated that the commission expects results to be received at the regional tally centers by midnight.

On social media, several tweeters have been posting updates of counting at different polling stations.

Earlier, there were worrying developments when police raided the offices of the main opposition candidate saying they had been tipped off by a telecommunications commissioner of a possible election hack.

Julius Maada Bio of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP) described the raid as intimidation against verification of results by his party’s independent tally center.

The 2018 general election drew lots of young voters in Sierra Leone. Through voter education, most of them were aware of all the regulations put in place during voting.

‘‘I see positive changes from the government that is coming. These changes should be from the agricultural and educational sector.’‘

‘‘In this election, they made it easy for us because they did sensitization and it was easy. We did not find it difficult to vote. They showed us how vote and indicate the candidate you want to vote for.’‘