The American Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the United States and Iraq have agreed to withdraw US troops from the country by the end of this year.

Iran PressAmerica: The Wall Street Journal reported in a report quoting informed sources; Iraqi and US officials plan to issue a joint statement soon calling for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi territory by the end of this year.

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, claimed that a joint statement from Baghdad and Washington would emphasize that Iraq still needed intelligence and training cooperation from the US military.

"Baghdad does not need US troops, because Iraq has such forces," Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein told the Wall Street Journal. In this regard, the US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that talks between US and Iraqi officials would determine the fate of US troops in Iraq.

Ned Price's remarks come as Iraqi people and groups call for the withdrawal of US terrorist forces from Iraq, and the Iraqi parliament has approved a plan for the withdrawal of these forces. 219