Saudi coalition fighter jets have repeatedly bombed residential areas in Yemen's Marib, Al-Bayda and Saada provinces in recent hours.

Al-Masira Yemen reported Thursday night that Saudi coalition warplanes have targeted the Jabal Murad district in the central Yemeni province of Marib at least twice.

The Yemeni province of Al-Bayda was also targeted six times by the Saudi coalition.

Saudi fighter jets also bombed Al Malil and al-Fara districts in Yemen's northern Saada province five times.

In April 2015, Saudi Arabia launched a large-scale offensive against Yemen, the poorest Arab country, in the form of a coalition of several Western and Arab countries, with the help of the United States, under the pretext of returning ousted fugitive President Abd al-Mansour Hadi to power.

The aggression has killed thousands of Yemenis so far, and according to the United Nations, the famine in the country has become the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the world. 219