A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Thursday night called on the US and British foreign ministers to focus on reviving the JCPOA instead of discrediting themselves and their countries.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, referring to the visit of Antony Blinken and Dominic Raab, the US and British foreign ministers to the occupied territories, on his Twitter said: "The US and British foreign ministers are spinning the goals of the Vienna talks in an attempt to appease JCPOA's sworn enemy. This is discouraging."

"The Israeli regime, which you are trying to satisfy, has done its best to destroy the agreement," Khatibzadeh said.

"Instead of discrediting yourself, focus on reviving the main agreement, which is the only solution on the table," the Foreign Ministry spokesman said at the end of his address to Blinken and Raab.

It is worth mentioning that the US and British foreign ministers recently made statements against JCPOA and Iran in a meeting with Israeli officials.

Anthony Blinken in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, emphasizing the strong alliance between Washington and the Zionist regime against Iran, tried to throw the ball back to Iran and blame Tehran for the current state of the agreement.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who traveled to the occupied territories yesterday (Wednesday), met with Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and called for a stronger nuclear deal with Iran.

Former United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, unilaterally withdrew from the international agreement and announced the return of nuclear sanctions, in violation of Washington's commitments under the JCPOA.

Iran fully complied with its obligations under the nuclear deal within a year of the US's illegal withdrawal from the JCPOA and gave European countries, which promised to make up for the effects of the withdrawal, a chance to live up to their commitments.

One year after the European governments failed to deliver on their promises, Tehran announced that it would gradually reduce its obligations under Articles 26 and 36 of the agreement to strike a balance between its obligations and the received rights.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has also stated that it will not accept any new conditions or demands for the United States to return to the nuclear deal (JCPOA) and fulfill its obligations.