Qom (IP) - The Grand Mufti of Syria emphasized that Lt Gen Qasem Soleimani always supported Palestine, and he always tried to unite the resistance front.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the Second International Congress of Holy Quds, held via videoconferencing on Tuesday, Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria, said: “The Zionists are not Jews and they misuse the name of Israel (i.e., Jacob). While they do not believe in Jacob.”

“The Westerners signed the Balfour Declaration to donate Palestine to the Zionists and to dismember Palestine in which the divine prophets were,” he added.

“In his first move, Imam Khomeini ordered the closure of the Israeli embassy in Iran and reopened the Palestinian embassy. We are defending the oppressed,” he said. 

“The message of the Islamic Revolution was that it did not seek sectarianism,” said the Grand Mufti of Syria, referring to Imam Khomeini’s action against Israel.

“The IRGC’s Quds Force arrived in Gaza and supported the resistance, and Imam Khomeini recommended before his death that the last Friday of Ramadan be International Quds Day. After him, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution also continued this mission,” he continued.

“The International Quds Day and Quds Force remain until we arrive Al-Aqsa Mosque. Greetings to all the people of Al-Qods and Palestine, who are creating other epics during Ramadan. We tell them that Iran, Syria, and the Lebanese resistance are by your side,” he concluded.

The Second International Congress of Holy Quds started on Tuesday in the videoconference format with the slogan of “al-Quds is closest,” with the attendance of national and international figures from different countries.

Thirty national and international figures from Iran, Palestine, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, Argentina, Iraq, Turkey, Chile, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Britain, Canada, and Tunisia, have attended the two-day conference.


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