Russia has offered to meet with members of the Normandy Group to discuss a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine

Iran Press/Europe: Moscow has proposed that the Normandy Group including Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany hold a meeting on April 27 to review the ceasefire in the Donbas region (Donetsk and Luhansk) of eastern Ukraine, Deputy Kremlin Chief of Staff Dmitry Kozak said.

Dmitry Kozak also called for a meeting between Kyiv and Donetsk and Luhansk officials and expressed hope that the talks would be constructive and honest so that a ceasefire could be established and the Minsk agreements could be implemented.

Deputy Kremlin Chief of Staff Dmitry Kozak said: "Ukraine, with the cooperation of France and Germany, at the recent meeting of advisers has manipulated the documents over any means of guaranteeing a ceasefire in the region."

Ukraine has been the scene of clashes between the government and the opposition in the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk since April 2014 following the Westerners' coup against the then government.

The parties to the conflict (the opposition and the Ukrainian government) signed a ceasefire agreement in Minsk in September 2014 for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the region.

In February 2015, representatives of the Normandy member states (Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany) signed the new Minsk 2 agreement, which has been repeatedly violated by the parties involved. 219