At least three rockets landed in the perimeter of Baghdad International Airport, Iraqi security officials said.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to multiple media reports, several rockets fell near Baghdad International airport early on Friday. Unconfirmed speculations have been sparked on social media that the attack was organized against the US coalition base, which situated in the area.

Three rockets fell on Friday in the vicinity of Baghdad International airport, according to SkyNewsArabia.

Iraqi security officials said the rockets landed near the area of the airport where US forces are located, and no damages or casualties were reported.

A source from Iraqi security bodies told the al-Sumeria broadcaster that the primary target of the attack was the US military base.

Netizens on Twitter shared photos of alleged wreckages which was said to be a rocket launch system.

A video shared by Twitter users, said to be from the area, suggests that sirens can be heard either in the airport or "inside the US military base", Camp Victoria.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.