The health experts recommend some practical tips and tricks to support a safe, successful fast during the holy month of Ramadan as Muslims connect more deeply with their religion, reflect on themselves, and give back to their community.

Iran PressAmerica: According to, the recommended tips are as follows:

Do not skip your morning meal

You mustn’t skip this meal. The food choices you make will affect your energy throughout the day.


Not drinking enough water can result in a poor mood and increased tiredness. This can affect energy levels and memory.

Be conscious of portions

For the evening meal, the experts recommend using your plate as a guide. Try to distribute your food as follows:

- Vegetables or salad: Half a plate.

- Carbohydrates: Quarter of a plate. If you do choose to eat refined carbohydrates, be mindful to keep it to a minimum.

- Protein: Quarter of a plate.

Understand your health

Above all, build an open and communicative relationship with your healthcare professional to ensure that it’s safe for you to fast. You should also discuss adjusting medications.


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