Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said the Iranian nation's resistance turned the difficult chapter of economic war and the coronavirus crisis into a brilliant chapter in the history of the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: Delivering a speech on the occasion of the arrival of the Iranian new year (Nowruz), Hassan Rouhani extended the message of congratulation over the occasion of Iranian New Year Nowruz to the Iranians across the world.

Rouhani said this spring coincided with the end of an unprecedented three-year economic war imposed on the Iranian nation.

"In the year 1399, coronavirus doubled the difficulty of sanctions and economic war for Iranians. Iranian nation entered the battle against coronavirus, not only deprived of the usual global aid to combat this pandemic but also not even having access to its wealth in foreign banks," he said, "but on the other hand, this difficult and cold season, and this great plague, and the simultaneous struggle on several different fronts became a brilliant and proud chapter in the history of Iran due to the epic of patience and perseverance of the Iranian nation."

Iran's president said the Iranian nation, like other nations of the world, faced a dangerous virus which enhanced the severity of the economic war on the Iranians, while they were deprived of access to either the world aid to fight the virus or their money in foreign countries' banks.

The drop in oil price along with oil sanctions led to a fiscal year for Iran which was unprecedented during the past 60 years' Rouhani said. 

He referred to the enemies' plots against Iran, saying as they were supporting the maximum pressure on Iran, they were pursuing the collapse of the Iranian economy, which was followed by hardship in the Iranian people's life, but the people did not surrender.

Ill-wishers for Iran fallen from power 

Iran's president said the ill-wishers for Iran, on the other side of the world, had fallen from power with disgrace and notoriety, while the Iranian nation, proud and lively, had welcomed the spring.

Hassan Rouhani stated that the enemies of Iran had admitted that using force, threats, and sanctions would not work in the face of the great nation of Iran; therefore, after three years of defeat, they had been forced to return to the path of constructive interaction with the Iranian nation.

He noted that Iran had welcomed the spring, while it had accumulated the valuable investments during the past eight years that would support its path during the period of opening and flourishing.

"During past eight years, we have gained valuable political achievements in international politics, the result of which has been successive victories at the United Nations, the Security Council, and the Hague Tribunal," Rouhani pointed.

"Today, we have a broad, deep, strategic relationship with the world, and our enemies are isolated and unable in their positions against us," he underlined.

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