Tehran (IP) - Tochal ski resort in Tehran has been an international destination for tourists and skiers every year.

Iran Press/Iran news: People can ski and snowboard for 7 months a year from October to May at the Ski Resort, which is 25 kilometers from the capital.

Tochal can be reached via a four-mile journey by cable car that leaves from the northern suburbs of Tehran. At 3963m, Tochal ski resort is the fifth-highest resort in the world.

It is a good choice for convenience and price.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran, people continue to arrive in the ski center in the Alborz Mountains while observing health protocols.

Travelers can also enjoy famous Iranian hospitality by staying at Tochal Hotel and enjoying the scenic beauties of the snowy landscape. 

With its wood-paneled architectural facade, Tochal Hotel is set among the snow-capped landscapes at station 7 of Telecabin. 


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