US president supporters marched down Congress Avenue in Austin on Saturday with anti-Trump protesters alongside them.

More than 200 people gathered in front of the Capitol on Saturday and marched down Congress Avenue to show their support for US President Donald Trump.

The crowd marched down Congress Avenue with anti-Trump protesters and a heavy police presence alongside them.

Among the Trump opponents were some counter-protesters dressed in black and wearing masks. 

The event turned heated at one point as the two groups exchanged words along West 11th Street in front of the Capitol, with police forming a barrier between them.

Austin police said one person was arrested for assault at the event. They did not know whether the person was a Trump supporter or a protester.

Saturday’s “March 4 Trump” rally in Austin was part of a nationwide demonstrations in support of the president, which drew praise from Trump. Many of these events were met with counterprotesters and turn violent.