Tehran (IP) - In an interview with Iran Press on the Toloe-Bineshanha (Dawn of Sights) Society's purpose‌ and its activities, the government spokesman said 5,500 NGOs had been licensed for the past 8 years under Hassan Rouhani's administration.

Iran Press/Iran News: Visiting the first entrepreneurship center for homeless and addicts set up by the Toloe-Bineshanha Society‌ on Saturday evening, Ali Rabiei stated that one of the strategies of the government was to transfer the work to non-governmental organizations, based on which today 9,000 non-governmental organizations operate only in the field of welfare, and 5,500 non-governmental organizations had been licensed in the 11th and 12th governments.

Toloe-Bineshanha Society's plan is mainly focused on supporting employment policies and specific social groups to help them return to normal life, he noted.

"According to this policy, supportive employment has several branches, one of which is identifying vulnerable groups, which is implemented today in Hafez House," he highlighted.

Rabiei underlined that necessary educational planning had been considered and implemented for the vulnerable people, and this year 3,700 billion Tomans of Qarz al-Hasna (interest-free loan) had been allocated for groups that were exposed to injury to help them survive.

Rabiei added that people active in sports, transportation, and services had received 9,000 billion out of 15,000 billion Tomans from banks, adding that another 5,000 billion Tomans could be paid as an aid.


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