Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Head of the National Security Commission of the parliament said that if the sanctions are not lifted by March 24, the second step of the strategic action law will be taken.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Shahriyar Heidari added that the law's implementation was a legal right of Iran and the demand of the people.

He pointed to the fact that in the past, P5+1 one countries expressed their views under the JCPOA, demanding Iran to be transparent: “Although Iran was transparent and the IAEA approved it, they did not lift the sanctions; in this case, with the United States' withdrawal, three European countries wanted to refer the case to the Security Council, which Russia and China vetoed.”

Heidari stressed that European countries wanted to return to JCPOA, but the only way to come back was to fulfill their obligations.

Reiterating that the parliament is taking strategic actions to the benefit of the nation and our government, Heidari also emphasized: “Iran does not repeat the bitter experience of the past and will return to the JCPOA only if it is implemented, at the request of the people.”


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