IP: there are four coping tips that everybody can practice and follow in times of feeling anxiety over all major issues which can have a negative effect on our soul, either political, economic, and social, apart from living under the current coronavirus outbreak situation.

Iran PressHealth: According to Healthline.com, a dedicated website for covering physical and mental health issues, in these times when we are facing new questions which are a hub for an uncertain world that we live in, psychologists recommend four beneficial tips to lower the anxiety impacts.

The first tip is about breath-based emotional regulation:  experts say a step by step guideline for it as: 

1.Lie down or sit in a chair 

2.Breathe all the way in.

3.On the exhale, breathe all the way out. Completing inflation/deflation is very important here.

4. Repeat for roughly 5-10 minutes.

5. Practice deep breathing throughout the day, as much as you can.

The second one is learning how to take charge of your own self-worth, for this, speaking kindly to yourself or choosing an empowering quote from an activist, spiritual leader, or teacher could give you a good sense of self-worth.

The third one is to listen with nonreactivity, it means: 

1.listen completely, without judgment

2.see if others' logic makes sense

3. if there are holes in their logic or skipped steps, ask follow-up questions

The last tip to heal our anxiety is to live according to your values that are so important. most psychologists believe living according to values is not goal-oriented, but rather doing things that make everybody feel good.


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