A massive explosion at a Chinese battery factory sent a vast mushroom cloud into the air, killing one person and injuring 20 others.

Iran PressAsia: A massive explosion has torn through a Chinese battery factory, leaving one dead and 20 injured, according to authorities.

Dramatic footage shows the blast sending a giant mushroom cloud into the air yesterday evening in Ningxiang, southern China's Hunan Province, Mail Online reported.

Six people were seriously wounded while 14 sustained minor injuries, the local government said on Friday. Officials were investigating the cause of the incident.

The explosion occurred in the factory of Brunp Recycling Technology, which is reported to be the biggest company in China to recycle scrapped and old lithium-ion batteries. 

It took place at around 6:12 pm on Thursday in one of the factory's old workshops, the Ningxiang government said through its official social media account. 

All of the injured were in non-life-threatening condition and hospitalized, and the air quality in areas around the factory was normal, the government said in a post on Friday.

The regional fire brigade sent 36 fire engines and 288 firefighters to the site, and the fire was under control two hours after the explosion. 


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