IRGC Quds cmdr.:

Tehran (IP) - Commander of IRGC Quds Force said that the enemy failed many times in the past 20 years' wars.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the first martyrdom anniversary of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, Esmail Qa'ani stated that enemies and the mean who take action against the Islamic Resistance Front should know that one of their biggest shortcomings is their lack of understanding.

Qa'ani noted that resistance was not something that Martyr Soleimani created and defined, but he reminded his friends and companions that resistance has deep roots in religious principles.

He pointed out that today, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, is at the head of the resistance.

The criminal Americans started the war in the last twenty years at a time when they claimed that a unipolar world was formed. They claimed that they could do anything in the world, and no one could stand against them, but they failed many times, the commander highlighted.

He stated that the Americans started the war in Afghanistan, but they were defeated. They also failed in Iraq and were defeated in the worst situation and returned.

After several defeats, the Americans gathered the filthy elements of the world that were called Takfiris and projected these bloodthirsty elements with the money of filthy countries of the region, including Saudi Arabia, and with the plots of the criminals of the region, including the occupying regime of Israel, Qa'ani stated.

But again, the Americans failed at the top. When they saw that they still failed on various fronts and despite working hard, they imposed the bloodthirsty and sludge elements to the lives of the nations of the region, he added.

He highlighted that revenge needs some arrangements, and the enemy has been slapped twice, and the next slap has been defined by the Leader of the revolution and will be carried out.

He explained that The first slap was the great funeral of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, the second slap was the attack on the US base, and the next slap is the software victory over the hegemony of arrogance.


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