Tehran (IP): Secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement called Qasem Soleimani a reason for the unity of the resistance forces in the face of the United States and the Zionist enemy.

Iran PressIran News:  On the sidelines of the first anniversary of Qasem Soleimani's martyrdom in Tehran, Ziyad al-Nakhalah in an interview with Iran Press correspondent stated: "Today, the axis of resistance is united in the face of enemies."

Al-Nakhalah described Martyr Soleimani as a supporter of the Palestinian Mujahideen, adding that he was the executor of the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in support of the resistance forces.

He expressed hope that with God's help, all Muslim nations, including Iran, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, will unite in the face of the United States and Israel.


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