IRAN (IP)- The CEO of “East Azerbaijan Water” Company stated that with the recent agreement between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, the construction of 'Khoda-Afarin' and 'Qiz-Qala'si dams by the two countries on the Aras River would accelerate.

Iran Press/Iran News: Yousef Ghaffarzadeh told reporters on Sunday: "Last week, the technical commission of the Iranian delegation, after holding several face-to-face meetings and video conferences, agreed with the Azerbaijani parties to complete the construction of 'Khoda-Afarin' and ' Qiz-Qala'si dams by the two countries on the Aras River.

 Ghaffarzadeh also said the two sides also agreed to restore the ancient bridges downstream of the Khoda-Afarin Dam, which is a shared cultural heritage.


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