The outgoing US President Donald Trump's campaign has released a new teaser of his alleged success, citing widespread fraud as the reason for his loss.

Iran Press/America: There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the US election 2020, and the Electoral College officially affirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on Monday.

As Trump continues to push false claims of election fraud, his campaign is sending emails to his supporters asking for cash, asking whether he should run again in 2024.

There was no testimony from state or local election officials who conducted extensive checks to ensure the accuracy of the election before certifying the results. Those officials have said there was no indication of any widespread fraud.

Trump and his allies have pushed conspiracies involving voting machines manipulated by dead foreign leaders and argued that tens of thousands of fraudulent mail ballots somehow escaped layers of security and scrutiny by election workers. The president and his supporters have filed the lawsuits without evidence, tried to pressure state lawmakers into seating their own presidential electors, and sought to influence low-level party members who sit on the state and local boards that certify election results.

The Trump campaign and allies have filed roughly 50 lawsuits alleging some type of voter fraud and nearly all have been dropped or dismissed by both conservative and liberal judges who have said the legal claims lacked evidence. The US Supreme Court, which includes three Trump-nominated justices, has also denied requests to hear a pair of cases aimed at invalidating the outcome of the election in key states.