Iran (IP)- The director-general of the Customs Department of Iran's western province of Ilam said that in the last 8 months, $ 284 million worth of goods had been exported to Iraq from the Mehran border.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ruhollah Gholami added on Tuesday: "In the past eight months, with the resumption of Mehran border activities following the coronavirus outbreak, 534,000 tons of goods worth $ 284 million have been exported to Iraq from this border."

The director-general of the Customs Department of Ilam province said: "Fruits and vegetables, ironware, tiles, ceramics, glass and construction materials are amongst the most important items exported to Iraq."

Referring to the number of goods exported from the Mehran border last year, Gholami said: "Last year, 2.79 million tons of goods were exported from Mehran customs to Iraq, which shows a 24% growth in terms of volume."

Mehran was one of the first frontiers to close after the coronavirus outbreak.

Mehran's border city in the southwest of Ilam, with its international border, is the most important and main route for the commute of private cars, trucks carrying export goods and vehicles carrying pilgrims to the holy shrines of Iraq."


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