Iranian businessmen in a meeting with the Iranian Ambassador to Russia on Friday evening discussed different ways to establish balance in the banking relations and establish cargo terminals in major Russian cities.

Iran PressEurope: More than 50 Iranian businessmen met with Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali on Friday evening to increase the export knowledge of businessmen and get them familiarized with trade contract laws and emphasized the Russian language.

The Iranian ambassador to Russia also said: "The pathology of Iran's trade relations with Russia has been done, and now various steps must be taken with the help of businessmen."

Development of export and import strategy, removal of infrastructural barriers with the cooperation of the government and the private sector, development of trade facilities, development of investments in Iranian and Russian ports, the connection of Iran to the Caucasus and Russia, trilateral cooperation between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan to develop transportation and road transport of long-term solutions to trade barriers with Russia has been announced.


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