The Cultural deputy of the Ministry of Sports, Abdulhamid Ahmadi, said that Zoorkhaneh sports had been welcomed by sports enthusiasts in the world.

Iran PressSport news: Abdulhamid Ahmadi, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the 10th anniversary of the registration of Zurkhaneh Sport in UNESCO and the unveiling of the stamp of Pahlavan Hassan Razaz, added: "Zoorkhaneh sport has roots in the ancient history of Iran, and it maybe is a unique one."

He said: "It is an honor for Iranians that the zoorkhaneh sport has been registered in UNESCO in the name of Iran, but it also increases the responsibility of the managers to work for the development and expansion of the sport in the world."

Abdulhamid Ahmadi added: "People of all ages can be active in the sports, and this is one can be considered a championship and public sport."

Abdulhamid Ahmadi added: "The development of zoorkhaneh sports infrastructure is significant, and the current number of zoorkhanehs' hall in Iran, which is 1000, should be increased."


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