Iran converting 2m b/d of crude oil to petro products

Iran's refineries, at full capacity and full time, turn two million barrels of crude oil into petroleum products on a daily basis.

Iran Press/Iran News: Secretary-General of Iran’s Oil Refining Industry Contractors Association (ORICA) Nasser Ashouri said on Thursday that in Iran's refineries, the main products include gasoline, diesel, aircraft fuel, and kerosene, a part of which is used for domestic purposes, and the surplus is exported.

Ashouri noted that currently, all refineries in Iran are operated by local experts, adding: "Despite the fact that 75 to 110 million liters of gasoline are consumed in Iran on a daily basis, not a single liter of gasoline has been imported into the country for the last two years."

He stated that even if stricter sanctions are imposed, Iran's refineries will be able to guarantee the fuel needed by the country.


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