Tehran (IP) - Senior Advisor to Iran's Leader for International Affairs said that the Afghan people are wise and mature enough to determine their fates and that Afghanistan's problems mainly originate from the intervention of foreigners, particularly the US.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Ali Akbar Velayati stressed that one of the vital requirements for the maintenance of peace in Afghanistan is that the foreign forces especially the US exit the country as soon as possible. 

Pointing to the UN efforts to maintain peace in Afghanistan, Velayati also referred to Iran as an important neighbor of Afghanistan, which has always tried to establish peace in the country and welcomed any efforts in this regard.

He expressed hope that the central government of Afghanistan and the Taliban could have constructive negotiations so that the war in Afghanistan is finished as soon as possible. 

Velayati also expressed hope that with the presence of the UN representatives in Afghanistan and the cooperation of the regional countries' peace could be brought about for the Afghan people.


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