With the shops ransacked due to people panic buying all the essential and non-essential food items, we have to get crafty to make sure we don't wreck our bodies by gorging on junk food. 

Iran Press/Europe: With many food delivery services already struggling to fulfill orders, we found a loophole that can help you stay healthy and slim, all the while still providing you with all the essential nutrients and supplements, T3 Magazine reported.

Supplements are not just for bodybuilders and especially in the case of meal replacement and muscle food options – apart from providing ample amounts of calories – they also contain fibers and many micro and macronutrients your body needs to function well.  

The downside is that some supplements can taste a bit bland, especially if you have been training your taste buds on hot curry and super-sweet snacks in the past few months or years.

Apart from protein powder and weight gainers, protein manufacturers also produce and sell other food items that might interest even people who aren't into fitness, like peanut butter or vitamins.

There are plenty of special offers and supplement deals to choose from, too, so if you want to – err – supplement your diet with some healthy snacks, read on to find out your best options and, of course, the best deals of all things healthy.


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