Hundreds of protesters marched through West Philadelphia on Saturday, October 31 to demonstrate against the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace.

Iran PressAmerica: The protest began around noon near the intersection of 61st and Locust Streets, then migrated to the 18th district police station where armor-clad officers stood guard behind police barricades.

The protest ballooned in size as the afternoon continued. An estimated 400-500 people gathered at Malcolm X Park on Pine and 52nd Streets.

Demonstrations began Monday night after two Philadelphia police officers fatally shot Walter Wallace. Police claim that Wallace Jr. was holding with a knife when officers arrived and was instructed several times to drop the weapon before he was shot.

Wallace's family argues their 27-year-old son was having a mental health crisis and required medical attention instead of police intervention. 

The Pennsylvania National Guard arrived in Philadelphia on Friday morning to help state and local law enforcement agencies maintain peace following the unrest.