Tehran (IP) - Iranian Minister of Defense noting that the pressure and sanctions imposed by the Americans for many years, led to Iran's progress in the field of defense., said that Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran can produce and supply 90% of its defense needs inside the country.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the automatic end of the arms embargo on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brigadier General Amir Hatami on Sunday evening, said: "It is very difficult for the US to achieve such a capability; so far, they have falsely told the world that a country can do nothing without US support."

Brigadier General Hatami considered the lifting of the arms embargo on Iran more important in the eyes of Iran's enemies, noting that: "Enemies, especially the US, have struggled over the past year to either not lift these restrictions or to impose new ones in a way that they used all their prestige over it; but their prestige was destroyed and something happened to the United States that has not happened to any other country in the Security Council."

Regarding the remarks of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that no country has the right to trade arms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Amir Hatami said: "Negotiations have been held with some countries and the grounds for exchanges are fully provided for both sale and supply of a series of requirements."

Iran's Minister of Defense, noting that the series of US defeats would be complete with what happened in the Security Council, said: "The Americans have suffered many failures in recent years, especially during the current administration, which has created a global distrust of US rulers leading to such an unbelievable scandal in the UN Security Council."

Amir Hatami reaffirmed Iran's missile capability, emphasizing its self-reliance capacity, he also said: "One of the issues that even the enemies acknowledge is that today the Islamic Republic of Iran is a significant missile power in the world."

Iranian Defense Minister said that not misusing weapons against others is a rule to which the Islamic Republic adheres.

He added: "Some countries do everything for money, for example, they got permission from the Security Council and let Saudi Arabia and the UAE attack the innocent Yemeni people while selling their weapons."

Amir Hatami, stating that without exaggeration, Iran is one of the top 6 UAV powers in the world, said: "Iranian equipment has a very good quality and price."

Regarding the effect of the Islamic Republic's defense doctrine in the region, Brigadier General Hatami said: "the defense policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a clear policy which demands peace, stability, and security for the region and the world."

Amir Hatami cited the current military situation in the world, and especially the US unilateralism in the last three or four years, as the reason for the high military spending, adding: "Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the US wanted the Islamic Republic of Iran not to enter this field or to enter with a delay." 

On Sunday, Iran's arms embargo ended automatically on the fifth anniversary of the JCPOA agreement, and from now on, the embargo on the export and import of armament from Iran or to Iran was lifted along with the travel restrictions for 23 legal entities subject to Resolution 2231.


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